What is important to YOU about how your council housing is managed?

Your Home Your Voice is a programme of resident engagement for tenants and leaseholders of council homes in Kensington and Chelsea. It is asking residents about two important issues:

  • How your council housing should be managed in the future.
  • How you want to be involved in future discussions and decision-making about your home

A resident steering group, working alongside council officers chose independent engagement organisation Traverse to run Your Home Your Voice. 11 events were held during October, November, and December for council tenants and leaseholders to attend and share their views. Over 180 people attended these events and participated in the discussions. The comments shared at these events are now being analysed by Traverse. Traverse will then produce a report on the findings from the events – this will be published in early 2019.

The council will use this report to understand what next steps to take.

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Why is this happening?

On 1 March 2018, RBKC took back housing management responsibilities from the TMO (Tenant Management Organisation). This includes day-to-day services such as repairs, cleaning and looking after your estates. When they did this, the council committed to giving council residents a say on how housing should be managed in the longer term.

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