The basics

What is the purpose of Your Home Your Voice?

Your Home Your Voice is a programme of resident engagement for tenants and leaseholders of council homes in Kensington and Chelsea. It is asking residents about how their council housing should be managed in the future and how they want to be involved in future discussions and decision-making about their homes.

Who is running Your Home Your Voice?

Traverse, an independent engagement organisation, are running Your Home Your Voice with the help of a resident steering group.

Who are Traverse?

Traverse is an employee-owned engagement organisation which works with clients to improve public services. You can find out more about Traverse on their website https://traverse.ltd.

How involved are the council?

RBKC Council commissioned this work alongside a resident steering group set up by the Tenants Consultative Committee (TCC). The TCC brings together representatives of different residents' associations and compacts in the borough. The council and the resident steering group agreed the brief for the work and are jointly monitoring its progress by working closely with Traverse. The council has been clear from the start that residents should be directing this work, rather than the council, and this is why the resident steering group has played such an important role.

The process

Who chose Traverse to do this work?

The Tenants Consultative Committee and the council decided to appoint an external engagement organisation to do this work so that residents could be confident that the process was fair, transparent and independent. Traverse were chosen by a panel made up of residents and the council from a number of organisations who put forward proposals to do the work.

Who is paying for this work?

The Council are paying for this work.

Who are the Steering Group and what do they do?

The Steering Group is made up of around 30 residents, both council tenants and leaseholders, from across the borough. The Steering Group was set up as a sub-group of the TCC (described above). Since it started, other residents have also joined the Steering Group after reading about the work and expressing an interest. The Steering Group has been helping Traverse to design the engagement process through a series of discussions. Their inputs have been crucial for shaping the work, from this website to the materials we will be using at the events. Traverse is very grateful for the time and energy they have invested.


How can I get involved?

If you weren't able to attend an event, you can also send a comment through on the contact page , by emailing rbkcengagement@traverse.ltd or calling 0800137 111.

How are you making sure that every resident knows about this process?

An initial letter was sent to Kensington and Chelsea residents (both council tenants and leaseholders) in the summer, introducing the work. A second letter has been sent in October with details of the events. In addition, Traverse has contacted resident associations and compacts to help spread the word further through posters, leaflets and social media.

How are you making sure that you talk to seldom-heard groups?

Traverse has identified groups of people who may be less likely to participate in the process, and we are working with local groups and organisations to help us reach out to them. Traverse will also monitor the demographics of people who attend the events to check if certain groups are less well represented.

How are you making sure that your process is accessible to people who speak languages other than English?

If you go to the home page, you will see that information from this website can be made available in alternative formats and in different languages. If you require further assistance, please email rbkcengagement@traverse.ltd or call 0800137 111.

Data protection / privacy

What will Traverse do with my personal details?

Traverse will capture people’s personal details so that they can get in touch with you about this engagement process (e.g. about future events or the publication of the report). At the end of the project Traverse will delete people’s personal details. If you want Traverse to delete your personal details, you can ask them to do so at any time.

Will what I say be quoted in any documents?

No. While the people running the events will take notes, they will not write down who said what. The report will summarise the themes of what everyone said in a way that makes sure nobody can be identified. Some direct quotes may be used in the report, but these will not be linked to individuals. If you submit comments via the Your Home Your Voice website, these will be seen by members of the Traverse team but no one else will see them in connection with your personal details.


What will the council do with what comes out of this process?

All of the information gathered at the engagement events, via the website, at resident association meetings and other events will be collated by Traverse and presented to the resident steering group and Tenants Consultative Committee in January 2019 in the form of a report.

Have the council already made their mind up about what they want?

No, this decision will be made by residents not the council. In a speech to full Council In October 2018 Deputy Leader Cllr Taylor-Smith said "I would love it if RBKC got so good at housing management, so responsive, so receptive, that residents asked, demanded, that RBKC managed their homes forever. But this will be a decision for residents. Not us. And it is dependent on us getting better and better."

What happens next?

What happens next is very much dependent upon what you and other residents tell us as part of this process and next steps will be agreed by Tenants Consultative Committee. If there needs to be further consultation this will happen in the spring.

Who will be making decisions about housing management?

Residents will be making the decision about who manages council homes in RBKC.

Grenfell Tower

Is this process linked to the independent enquiry on the Grenfell Tower disaster?

No. The independent inquiry is entirely separate.

Will anything in this process influence what happens to the Grenfell Tower site?

No. This process does not include the Grenfell Tower site. An entirely separate process will take place to decide what happens to this site. A community-led Memorial Commission is to be set up so that community members can decide on the long-term future of the Grenfell Tower site. More information is available here: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/memorial-commission-to-honour-victims-of-grenfell-tower-fire